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Enlightening Online Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Because you deserve to be happy

My main objective is to make counselling available to everyone, especially for those who find access to counselling in its traditional format impossible. That is also why my fees are lower than those charged by most therapists – book a discovery call today to discuss how I can help if you are on a low income.


                                                       My Charges

Initial Consultation - £25 (50% discount on a typical session)

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you. It is also an opportunity for us to meet as it is well known that the relationship between client and therapist is of key importance to successful therapy. The initial consultation gives you the opportunity to have direct contact and develop a rapport with your therapist, making sure that from the first session you begin to benefit and notice a positive change to the way you feel.

Follow-up sessions

£50 per session.

Follow-up sessions can be booked one session at a time or in blocks of 6 for £270 (10% discount).


Stop smoking session

Approximately 2 hours - £130

Gift vouchers

Why not give someone you care about a gift voucher for something that has the potential to change their life, instead of something that they can just enjoy a moment and then the moment is gone.

A Hypnotherapy gift voucher is a present that they will certainly never forget and could mean the difference between a life of anxiety, depression, fear, etc. to a more fulfilling, enjoyable, fear free life!

To purchase a gift voucher please email me: tania.stevanin@gmail.com