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This week one of my clients asked me about a 'new' type of therapy, which a friend of hers told her was amazing. Here is the link, if you want to check it yourself: Brain working recursive therapy: A quick fix for mental health problems (

I must admit that the scientist in me always get a little uneasy when I hear that anything is a 'quick fix' for anything, especially regarding long-term mental health problems. So, I had a look at the information and, despite stating many times over that this approach is based on brain research, all I could find were advertisements. No links to any research that someone who has actually done medical research for over 10yrs could consider as research.

The other thing I quickly found was that, as in a lot of new trends, BWRT is mostly a rebranding of the good old SF hypnotherapy.

Many hypnotherapists, often those who have done a quick weekend crash course, claim to be able to achieve miracles in a couple of sessions and, like many types of phobias, this is true. However, more complex cases such as OCD, PTSD, chronic depression, long-term weight problems, these often involve complex clinical and social imbalances, and anyone clawing to be able to 'cure' those with a few sessions, is likely to be misleading you, even if they truly believe they can work miracles. So, be wary, before handing your money to them.

Keep an eye on this space. If I find out more about this method (good or not), I'll let you know.

and please, keep asking questions.

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